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updated 04.06.2021
carrd has a strict policy on nsfw, so to see more examples head to my twitter account.
$ = USD

Flat coloredstarting price
two characters$150
+Additional items+$30 and up
+Detailed design+$30 and up

Soft Shadingstarting price
Two characters$250
+additional items+$50 and up
+Detailed background+$100-200
+Detailed design+$50 and up

paintingstarting price

I have no examples of this as of now. If you want to see SFW examples, look up my [other pricelist]().


updated 02.11.2021

By getting a commission from me you agree to my Terms of Service whether you have read it or not.

Will DrawWon't Draw
sex toysComplex mecha
Humanoid charactersunsanitary
furry, anthrounderage, aging up etc
robots with simple complexitygore with wrist, teeth or eye trauma
monsters that can consent (vampires, werewolves etc)bestiality
Characters from videogames / franchizes / etc i'm not familiar withnoncon


  • Payment via BuyMeACoffee or PaySend

  • Full prepayment under $300

  • Payment in halves over $300

  • Submit a Commission form

  • Message me on Twitter or e-mail me to make sure submission went through

  • After I accept, I will message you to discuss further details.

  • Do not send any money before that, it will not count towards commission

  • I can refuse to take a commission


  • Prices listed are per one character

  • Additional characters increase the price

  • Commissioning a custom design increases the price (e.g. commissioner asking me to come up with a new tattoo, armor design, hairstyle that didn't have a prior reference)

  • Price can be increased depending on difficulty of design

  • Price can be increased if additional objects are included (e.g. weapons, furniture etc)

  • Private commissions increase the price


  • I begin working on the commission after I receive the full prepayment or partial pre-payment (that was priorly agreed on)

  • I’ll send you WIPs for approval unless asked not to

  • After WIP is approved, any major changes will have an extra cost depending on complexity of the change

  • If you checked "I don't want to receive WIPs of this artwork, just the end result" on the commission form, no revisions will be offered

  • I’ll do a free change if there’s mistake on my part


  • Commercial use of the commissioned artwork must be discussed beforehand. Until I give my explicit agreement it is not allowed.

  • Artwork cannot be claimed as your own

  • Commissioner can re-upload the image with credits given to myself in the form of a link to my social media


  • You will not receive a refund if the artwork is nearly or entirely complete

  • If you ask for a refund you will receive only the amount of money equal to the part of the work that I haven't done

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission at anytime, for any reason, and without explanation

  • If I cancel the ongoing commission due to my inability to complete it at any state, a full refund will be given